Research Associate/​Post-Doctoral

We invite applications for a Research Associate (RA)/Postdoc to support our work in creating content for the democracy and constitutional values section of the workshop — popularising economics. 

You will assist the faculty group fo­r developing curricula, training modules and outreach activities on democratic idioms that are specific to the Indian cultural milieu. The hope is to improve political consciousness and capacities for improved democratic participation, particularly among those from marginalised backgrounds.

The project will be for a duration of 6 months. 

Project Description:

The University is organising a workshop on popularising economics in April 2022. One of the components of this workshop would be on democracy and constitutional values. 

We intend to do this by engaging with people on at least the following questions: 

  • What is democracy and what are constitutional values (dignity, liberty, equality and fraternity, people led governance)? 
  • How does it compare with other forms of governance?
  • How do we relate to these values in our own lives, in our own societies, our economy and our relationship with various arms of the State?
  • What are the threats to constitutional values?
  • Is there a conflict between development and democracy?
  • What is citizenry and why is it important for oneself and the society? What is our role as citizens? 
  • What is the role of a State and how do we strengthen State capacity and accountability?
  • A Postgraduate in law, political science, or other social sciences or a graduate with significant experience in these domains is preferred
  • Knowledge of, belief in and respect for democratic values
  • Passion for engaging the public in dialogues on democracy
  • Good knowledge of English and at least one other Indian language
  • Intermediate Computer Literacy (Ability to work with spreadsheets, write effectively)
  • Strong Communication skills such as writing, poster design, multimedia, theatre etc.

Additional Knowledge/​Skills

You should possess one or more of the knowledge, skill, experience or qualification mentioned below (preferably more than one of these):

  • Working grasp of the Constitution: You should have a good knowledge of the origins of the constitution and the values which form its basis. This would be useful to document the key ideas to be discussed and the ways to discuss these ideas.
  • Creative Communication: Ability to assimilate knowledge and use it creatively to design and/​or deliver modules and material for public engagement using videos, workshops, games, activities, songs etc. 
  • Liaisoning: Ability to liaison and collaborate with institutions (formal or informal) to engage their members in dialogues on democratic and constitutional values and practices through workshops, courses, modules etc.
  • Management: Ability to coordinate with content creators, Fellows, institutions to facilitate the engagement of fellows with various audiences
  • Media/​Social Media: Ability and knowledge to leverage social media to engage wide audiences through mainstream media/​social media/​alternative media. 

Please email the following documents to econ.​hiring@​apu.​edu.​in and copy to anjor.​bhaskar@​apu.​edu.​in with the subject line Application for Work on Constitutional Values

  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • Sample of your writing