Researcher / Research Associate in Organisational Studies

We invite applications for a Research Associate position in Organisational Studies of Non-profit organisations’ to work with University faculty to produce teaching-learning materials.

This will be a two-year full-time position, with the possibility of renewal subject to requirement.

The social sector comprises of organisations working to improve human conditions, specially of the poor, vulnerable and the marginalised. They work on diverse thematic areas of natural resource management, rights and entitlements, gender, public health, sustainability, disabilities, and so on, in all parts of India.

Organisational studies is a well-known educational and research domain which focuses almost solely on corporate structures and derives its legitimacy from contributing to the overall knowledge of maximizing organisational performance.

The University is engaged in creating a robust educational programme on social sector organisations and leadership, for which it intends to create analytical case studies of organisations in terms of their design, processes, and culture. 

  • An experienced researcher, post-doctoral candidate, or a PhD student, willing to work in this thematic area for next few years
  • Familiarity with organisational studies literature and social sector organisations
  • Good literature review and writing skills 
  • Availability to travel to field locations for interviews and discussions

Please email the following documents to facultypositions@​apu.​edu.​in with the subject line Application for Researcher in Organisational Studies

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Two writing samples
  • Filled in Information Summary Sheet