Lab Associate – Physics Lab

We invite applications for the position of Lab Associate for the Physics Lab.

The Undergraduate programme in Physics at the University has a hands-on’ approach to experimental work in the laboratories. Given the nature of these lab-based aspects of the programme, substantial support is needed for running and maintaining the labs for the courses and for having the appropriate infrastructure for developing new experiments. 

You will be working with the Physics group at the University campus in Bengaluru.


As a Lab Associate for Physics, you will be working to ensure the smooth functioning of the laboratories in the following areas-

  • Helping in Lab maintenance: 
  1. Checking and repairing equipment periodically.
  2. Building lab equipment using the laser cutter, 3D printer and workshops.
  3. Helping with sundry purchases required for the lab.
  4. Maintaining records of inventory, usage reports and repairs required.
  • Assisting faculty with specific Physics courses with a lab component. Performing the experiments beforehand, keeping the apparatus and material ready, and assisting during and after the lab session. Trying out new experiments for the courses.
  • Depending on your interests and the requirements, you will also be involved in:
  1. Identifying and creating educational material and setting up historically significant experiments that are relevant to the learning of Physics at the University.
  2. Creating interactive walk-in exhibits on Physics and related areas, for the University community and for visitors.
  3. Engaging with problem-solving, by presenting some problems you would have worked out, or conducting weekly problem-solving sessions for the students.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Physics/​a related field or a Diploma in an appropriate field.
  • Interest in setting up and building new apparatus.
  • Experience in the workshop or/​and with electronics will be valued.
  • Candidates with more hands-on practical skills will be given preference.

Please email the following documents to openpositions@​apu.​edu.​in with the subject line Application for Lab Associate – Physics Lab”:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Cover letter including the following –
  1. Describe a lab experiment that you liked, why you liked it and what you learnt from it.
  2. Describe an apparatus/​setup/​contraption that you have made and how you build it. 
  • Completed Application Form