Climate Change Research Funding Programme 2019

A funding programme for research that can promote increased understanding of climate change and explore possible actions and responses to climate change. 

We invite high quality proposals which will examine significant questions of public concern in the following three areas around climate change:

  1. Education and outreach
  2. Policy and action
  3. Adaptation in various sectors of development practice to climate change.

We seek empirically grounded research that can engage with education and outreach, policy or practice, especially in the areas of communication, health and urbanisation. 

All projects must have some actionable elements. We will not consider purely research-focused proposals at this time. We encourage collaborative research applications


  • Deadline for submission of concept note
  • Indication of interest
  • Last date for submission of full proposal
  • Announcement of selected candidates
  • Project commencement

We invite applications from academics, NGOs and independent researchers or researchers from think tanks and centres of research and action in India and elsewhere. Send in:

  • CVs (of all researchers on team)
  • A concept note of not more than 3 pages describing the scientific and field understanding that motivates the proposal. This must include proposed actions and responses.
  • Proposed budget
  • Timeline

Please note that the portal will remain available until, 5.00PM (IST), 31 October 2019, the last date for concept note submissions. This deadline is strict.

Please highlight why the project you have proposed is significant and necessary, along with clearly identified objectives and methodology. You should have demonstrated competency and qualifications to undertake the work in the proposed area. Please ensure that your concept note and proposal address at least one of the three themes, and indicate how your proposal specifically seeks to engage with this theme.

Please note that a proposal that is outside the scope of the specific areas outlined will not be considered further. We are open to new ideas and designs that work with diverse collaborators, engage with creative arts, or help us move forward in other innovative ways, but we seek proposals by experienced applicants working on well-established approaches.