Annual Research Grants

External research grants to strengthen an understanding of societal processes and outcomes.

As part of our efforts to build research capacity across the country, we provide grants to organisations outside of the University. We seek to create a vibrant research community that works around key areas of interest 

  • Law and legal systems in India
  • Labour, livelihoods and employment
  • Education and allied areas
  • Urban governance and sustainability
  • Policy and governance 

We invite applications from academics, NGOs and independent researchers or researchers from think tanks and centres of research and action in India and elsewhere.

Please write to <research.​grants@​apu.​edu.​in> for any queries. 

Grants will be awarded primarily to individuals or teams affiliated with academic institutions, think tanks, NGOs and other centers of vital research both in India and elsewhere. We encourage scholars and researchers in the fields of education, public policy, economics, political science, sociology, anthropology, history, law and the sciences to submit grant proposals.

Please send in
  • CV
  • Institutional affiliation
  • Proposal
    • Indicate the importance of the study and highlight its significance
    • Identify research questions and objectives as well as methodology
    • Demonstrate competency and qualifications for research in this area
    • If selected, you will need to send in a detailed proposal with budget and plans for dissemination
  • Timeline

Please read terms of reference for each area before applying and ensure that the proposal aligns with the specifications. Please ensure that your proposal addresses the concerns highlighted in each theme and indicate how your proposals specifically seeks to engage with them.

Please note that a proposal that is outside the scope of the specific areas of research will not be considered further.

Send in applications to <research.​grants@​apu.​edu.​in>. Indicate your subtheme in your heading. Applications will be reviewed as they are received.