Science of Happiness and Well-Being

Learn about the research behind what makes people happy’ and the ways to support your own well-being.

Should psychology focus only on human limitations? What would a wholistic picture of mental health look like? Learn in this course about a new branch of psychology which shifted the focus from pathology to what is going wrong, to a focus on the whole continuum of mental health including, preventive and promotive aspects. You will be introduced to the scientific examination of the various ways in which individuals can create a fulfilling life; a life which includes pursuit of pleasure, meaning, engagement, positive relationships, and accomplishment. The underlying premise of positive psychology is also that individuals can learn to enhance their happiness and well-being. You will be also invited to explore the various debates surrounding well being and examine evidence-based strategies to enhance happiness and well-being. This course also intends to offer you with a variety of resources to support your own well-being.