Introduction to Education, Health and Livelihoods

Challenge the normative frames around education, health and livelihoods. 

Education, health and livelihood are key ideas in the domain of development but are often seen as instrumental for other outcomes. Better health leading to better productivity’ tends to dominate discourse, instead of health on its own terms, just as jobs’ translates into statistics on employment. In this course, we challenge these narrow ways of looking at key ideas. 

With the Human Development and Capabilities Approach, we view how education, health and livelihood are constitutive of development rather than mere instruments of economic growth. This course will take you through the history of education policy and debates on school education; ideas about Universal Health Care, conceptualisations of health as well-being, and an overview of health policies in India; and how livelihood is connected with the social lives of people with examples of programmes like MNREGA and food. Finally, we examine the interlinkages of the three domains in development actions.