Human Development Teaching and Learning

Understanding the close inter-relationship between human development and teaching learning processes 

Being an educator is one of the most exhilarating, rewarding, and challenging professions, which requires, among others, a deep understanding of the process of human development, especially that of children and adolescents; and how they learn. In this course, you will engage with the important theories and perspectives that explain human development, especially, physical, socio-emotional, cognitive, social, and moral development, each of it that is located within a cultural context. You will also explore some of the key theories, perspectives that have influenced the ideas on the processes of learning in recent times. These theoretical perspectives in turn have informed teaching practices, and a lot of how education is shaped in school contexts. Throughout the course, you will engage in how these ideas can be translated into real classroom situations through practice-based exercises. Understanding, practising and reflecting about oneself and school classroom processes will go hand in hand – isn’t that interesting and promises to be fun?!