Our Undergraduate Programme

Learning for life

Our undergraduate programme offers eight degrees. We offer degrees in science — Physics, Biology or Mathematics. We have degrees in Economics and a BSc. BEd. dual-degree (in Physics, Biology or Mathematics). We have new degrees in History, Philosophy, and Literature.

Ours is a full-time, residential programme based in Bengaluru.

Find out what you love to do and want to be 

We know that finding a path towards a career is important. But we believe that your years of study are not only the job you will go on to do. We hope to help you discover what it is you care for, inside the classroom and outside. We care for your personal development, your interests, passions and relationships. 

Living on campus to spend time with your classmates and teachers

We think that learning happens both inside and outside the classroom. Your time with your faculty and peers on campus are as important as the subjects you specialise in. You will find opportunities to engage with diverse people from different social and cultural backgrounds and experiences. Our campus has a range of activities from discussion groups to sports and clubs for our students and faculty to interact with each other and build meaningful relationships.

Building all the tools you need for independent study

Our academic programmes ensure that you have all the tools necessary to give your studies your best shot. We help you with skills for writing, keeping up with the demands of reading, quantitative reasoning and basics that will help you work on your own, but with the support you might need. We give you a disciplinary specialisation with a broader understanding of the world. Our community of faculty and mentors cares for each of you and your needs. 

Engage with social realities in our country

We believe that an education should help you engage directly with the realities of contemporary India. Our courses are focused on helping you stay socially conscious, and traverse wide domains across disciplines. Even if you choose one subject to specialise in, we make sure that you are exposed to a wide range of ways in which to look at the world. 

Our programmes help you stay open and critical in your values and we nurture reflective self-understanding and dialogue.


Over the last century, science and technology have altered every aspect of how we live and work. Science has helped improve the quality of human life and the material standards of living, but it has also been a tool of war, colonisation, and environmental destruction. Our science curriculum gives students an opportunity to understand the implications of living in an age shaped by science.

The Humanities

The Humanities are an enquiry into the nature and expression of human experience – the personal, the cultural and aesthetic. They act as a rich mirror to the societies in which we live and as a source of reflection and inspiration. We offer degrees in History, Philosophy and Literature. We believe that an understanding of these approaches shows us the boundless and generative capacity of human experience and its contribution to an understanding our own humanity.


Economics is an attempt to understand everyday lives. It involves ideas that are abstract and technical. Some of its questions attempt to understand how human beings cooperate and work together. Why does productive activity takes different forms? Why is labour, which we all do in different ways, treated with different values? Our courses help you make connections between minute details and larger ideas. 

A dual degree in Science and Education

We offer you a degree with a deep and thorough disciplinary knowledge in science as well as a practical and professional degree in education. 

Interdisciplinary studies

You can choose one area of study outside of their specialisations from a wide variety of subjects based on your interests. 

Honours pathway

We offer the opportunity to take up an additional research project around a topic and work closely with a member of the faculty to write a thesis.