Our Postgraduate Programme

Education for social change

Our postgraduate programmes are reflective of our belief that education should bring about a change in the world in which we live. Our degrees reflect our thematic concerns in education, development, public policy and governance. The skills and training we provide in our programmes will help you enter the field of work with a strong grounding in theory and practice.

Study as social action

There is a great lack of trained professionals in education, development and allied social sectors in India. The scale and complexity of issues in India is immense, and require a range of competencies to bring about effective work. We help you become committed and capable professionals who can participate effectively in the social sectors of India. 

Deeply interdisciplinary

Our programmes are deeply interdisciplinary. We offer more than 100 foundational courses drawing from the sciences and social sciences — sociology, economics, psychology, and history — as well as literature, the arts and creative practices. Our courses ensure you are well grounded in qualitative and quantitative methods, and our pedagogic style uses everything from the standard lecture format to exercises in theatre as well as a foundational component of field work to help you gain a deep understanding of your domain. 

Integrated field practice

We believe that it is important that you see for yourself the places and things that you spend your time studying. Field practice is an integral component of the programme and you will spend upto sixteen weeks in field work. You will have weekly practicums, internships across the semesters of different lengths and intensities. You will work with partner organisations engaged in different areas of work, and have close mentoring with your faculty and supervisors. 

Freedom to explore your interests

Our programme ensures you have the opportunity for independent study and courses in areas of the arts, cinema, theatre and sports in addition to your domain expertise. We ensure you have the critical abilities to understand issues from different perspectives to take meaningful action.

A wide range of careers

You will have access to more than 300 partner organisations who visit our campus every year. More than 90% of our alumnus have gone on to make a change in the social sector in work ranging from social entrepreneurship to policy, governance and academics.

We prepare you to become a socially motivated graduate who can contribute to a just, equitable, humane and sustainable society.

MA in Education

We believe that education can contribute to individual and social well being and the conditions for a good life. Our flagship programme started in 2011 and will help you understand the role of education towards social transformation, democratic citizenship, and even economic progress. You will learn to ask questions about varied viewpoints on what education is – from educational theory to educational practices in Indian school education.

Our 2‑year full time degree is an exploration of the ideas and practices of education in a country like India. We include a strong component of field practice.

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MA in Development

What is development? An ordinary citizen on the street might say it is her dream of a good house for her family, quality education for her children, and a safe and secure environment while corporations might say development is double digit economic growth, soaring stock markets,​‘world class infrastructure’ and export surplus. Our rigorous training will help you unpack these definitions and explore and contribute to India’s varied development challenges in the twenty-first century.

Our 2‑year full time degree prepares you to understand the complexities of​‘development’, its diverse meanings and practices, and the complex challenges of development in India in the twenty-first century.

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MA in Economics

Our 2‑year full time degree uniquely designed with a specialisation in development and policy aims to develop the next generation economists with the theoretical knowledge and technical skills to perform high quality analysis with a strong grounding in the institutional, developmental and ecological context of contemporary India. We hope our economists help promote a better society.

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LLM in Law and Development

Our one-year programme is a research and field intensive degree in law. We include courses on law and development, justice, comparative public law and legal research methods. We offer an interdisciplinary, empirically grounded course that brings law and legal education closer to ethical issues surrounding critical public policy concerns.

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