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Invitation for application for the position of Assistant Professor, Biology,
Location: Azim Premji University, Bangalore

Azim Premji University was established in 2010 by the Azim Premji Foundation. The Foundation works extensively with the public school systems in many states in India, with a clear purpose - to contribute to a just, equitable, humane and sustainable society. The University supports Education and related fields of human development through its programmes of study. The University offers a liberal undergraduate degree in the Sciences, Economics and Humanities and post-graduate degrees in the fields of Education, Development, Public Policy, Economics and Law and Development.

We invite applications for faculty positions in the following areas of expertise:

  • Cell & Molecular Biology/ Genetics/ Biochemistry/ Microbiology (or related fields)
  • Physiology /Cognitive Neuroscience / Neurobiology/ Neuropsychology

Applicants should have a strong interest in liberal undergraduate education. Successful candidates will be involved in teaching undergraduate level lecture and laboratory courses, curriculum development and student mentoring. They would also have the opportunity to design and teach elective courses in their field of expertise. The University supports research by its faculty members and also encourages them to engage with public education in the sciences.


This is a full-time Assistant Professor's position with a 2-year probationary period. The candidate must have a PhD in Biology or related fields (related to the position requirements mentioned above), and work (postdoctoral or teaching) experience is desirable. Strong educational interests and experience in laboratory work, designing and creating lab experiments and modules, and teaching laboratory-based courses will be an added advantage.

Application Process

Please email us the following documents:

  • Covering letter indicating the position, and why you would like to join the university
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • A professional statement of teaching philosophy
  • A professional statement of research interests
  • Two samples of your scholarly achievements (articles, chapters, books or any other)

Please send in the above documents by e-mail to by 15th December 2020. Please mention in the subject line, “Faculty position applicant - 2020”

Your application will NOT be considered unless all the above documents are provided.

Answers to further questions can be found here

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