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Vishnupad teaches Law and Society. Broadly, his interests have can be catalogued as three-fold: first consists in making sense of the socio-cultural and political transformation of India following the liberalization of economy. Second, the question of religious identity and violence in India, and the theologico-political resolution ostensibly offered by the secularist paradigm and its recurring limitations, failures, reinventions and the like. Finally, theoretico-philosophical questions that pertain to human condition generally, and that can be approached through psychoanalysis, continental philosophy and ethnography. It has to be insisted however that drawing out, or such an enumeration, of his interest is only heuristic in nature; arguably, these interests fold onto each other in ways that then refuse an easy separation or admit boundaries.

Academic Qualifications
  • PhD (Anthropology) Columbia University, New York
Areas of Interest

Political thought, Anthropology, Freudo-lacanian psychoanalysis

  • “Hegemony without Dominance: Notes on the Rule of Law in India”, in Law and Violence, edited by Jyoti Dogra and Latika Vashist. Delhi: Oxford University Press and Indian Law Institute Press, 2020.
  • Vishnupad. “On the Three Political Configurations in India”, Cultural Anthropology, November 2017.

    (this is an intellectual exchange with Partha Chatterjee and Thomas Hansen)

Ongoing Projects
  • Late capitalism in India with particular attention to political and cultural ramifications
  • Theorize the Indian social, and read it through the insights continental philosophy and freudo-lacanian psychoanalysis offers
  • Religion, secularism and violence

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