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Venu Narayan


Venu Narayan became an educator after leaving the business world in 1988. Inspired by the philosophy of J.Krishnamurti, he helped found a small alternative school called Centre For Learning in Bangalore and has worked as a teacher, administrator and Trustee for close to twenty-five years. He is also one of the Trustees of a botanic sanctuary that works to conserve endangered species of plants in the Western Ghats. Venu has been associated with Azim Premji Foundation from 2009 and was a member of the core group that worked together to establish the University. In the University, he is currently the Director of the School of Arts and Sciences, Director of Strategic Development, and also a member of the Academic Council.

Academic Qualifications

PGDM - Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (1984)
B.E. (Hons.) - University of Madras (REC Trichy,1980)


We are part of a world that would be unrecognizable to those who lived even two centuries ago, of amazing scientific and technological capabilities, material progress and opportunity. Yet it is a world of continuing strife and conflict, extreme disparities and persistent inequality and injustice. While a life of much greater individual freedom and dignity has become possible in many parts of the world, personal turmoil and loss of meaning and purpose shadow human experience. Some of the looming challenges of the future require us to discover harmony both within us and between self, society and polity, perhaps on a global scale. I believe that reflective self-understanding and social action are complementary and education has a key role to play in promoting the realization of a world more capable of addressing these challenges.

My academic interests are in the fields of Philosophy of Mind and Philosophy of Education. I am keenly interested also in understanding the role and impact of existing global economic and financial systems on issues of poverty, development and sustainability.

Additional Information

Centre For Learning :
Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary :

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