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Undergraduate Programme Natural Science


Over the last century, science and its technological manifestations have altered every aspect of how we live, work and attempt to understand our world. Science and technology continue to shape our societies with governments, cultures and individuals either pursuing them actively or using their products regularly.

Prof. Rajaram Nityananda
"We seek to prepare students for a life of critical thought with the ability to question scientific ideas, communicate them to the broader culture, pursue science and contribute to science education. These principles have guided the design of Azim Premji University's Science specialization in the undergraduate programme" Read more about him

Majors offered will be Physics and Biology. Strong supporting courses in important areas of chemical and mathematical sciences will be also offered to students. Laboratory and fieldwork are important elements of the programme and not just an adjunct to the lectures.

Our programme will also provide educational resources so that students who are interested in science but do not have a traditional science background can engage with science and become professional scientists.

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Graduating from the programme requires completion of 84 credits spread across the Major (48 credits for standard pathway and 60 for the honours pathway) and Common Curriculum courses (36 credits).

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