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Teacher Education Programmes

The University has received the formal recognition from NCTE reference numbers F.SRO/NCTE/SRCAPP201630064/M.Ed/KA/2018/96854 and F.SRO/NCTE/SRCAPP201630064/B.Sc.B.Ed/KA/2018-19/96873

In line with the above, relevant information is given below.

  1. Sanctioned programmes along with annual intake in the institution
    Name of programme Annual intake Duration
    Integrated B.Sc. B.Ed. 50 (1 Unit) 4 Years
    M.Ed. 50 (1 Unit) 2 Years

  2. Name of faculty and staff in full as mentioned in school certificate along with their qualifications, scale of pay and photograph
    Refer Appendix A at the end of page

  3. Name of faculty members who joined or left during the last quarter

    Azim Premji University is a composite institution and currently offers four Masters and four Undergraduate programmes. The full list of faculty members teaching in other programmes including the MA Education programme are available here

    No new faculty members have joined during the last quarter (October – December 2017), specific to the Teacher Education programme. Overall across the University, the following faculty joined during the last quarter

    • Nandana Sengupta, PhD, School of Policy and Governance

  4. Name of students admitted during the current session along with qualification, percentage of marks in the qualifying examination and in the entrance test, if any, date of admission, etc.

    • The B.Sc. B.Ed. and M.Ed. programmes will commence from the Academic Year July 2018, only after receiving the Formal Letter of Recognition, from the Southern Regional Council, NCTE.
    • The dates for admission tests, personal interviews and other requirements will be uploaded on the website once the formal letter of recognition is received from the Southern Regional Council, NCTE
    • The list of students admitted with all relevant details will be posted after the admission process is completed.

  5. Fee charged from students
    Name of programme Per semester in Rs.
    B.Sc. B.Ed. 70,000*
    M.Ed. 37,500*

    The University has extensive scholarship through which it ensures that all students who gain admission are able to study irrespective of their financial circumstances. The scholarships range from 100 %, 70 % and 50 % and are based on the students economic condition

    The scholarships cover Tuition Fee, Accommodation and Food charges.

    *- The fees need to be approved by the Fee Regulation committee of the University. This will be done after the formal recognition order is received.

    *- The university does not charge any other type of fee or deposits like computer fee, library fee etc.

  6. Available infrastructure facilities
    • All classrooms equipped with overhead projector and audio visual aids
    • Seminar Hall, Activity Rooms
    • Cafeterias
    • Childcare facility
    • Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Language Labs, Curriculum resource centre
    • Library (Details in point 7 below)
    • Dedicated computer lab with GIS, Statistical and other software
    • Fully Wi-Fi enabled campus and residences
    • Separate Student Residences for Men and Women
    • Dedicated Medical Centre with 24 x 7 ambulance services
    • Extensive sports facilities for Outdoor (Cricket, Volleyball, Football, Running tracks) and Indoor games (Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis etc.)
    • Gymnasium
    • Art and Craft facilities
    • Transportation from residence to University

  7. Facilities added during the last quarter
    • Educational Dish Channel provided by MHRD–Swayam Prabha
    • Tennis Court
    • Additional Cafeteria
    • Additional Student Residential facility
    • High speed internet connection at student residences

    Being a composite institution, all facilities added at the University will be available for Teacher Education programmes

  8. Number of books in the library, journals subscribed to and additions, if any, in the last quarter
    Type of Resource Number
    Booked added during Last Quarter (October - December 2017) 932
    Books 41821
    E- Books Access 91030
    Journals added 4
    Online Journal Access 26678
    Audio Visual Resources 3155
    Teaching Aids and Kits 118
    Field Institute Library (Books) 63980

  9. The affidavit with enclosure submitted along with application

    Click here for the affidavit submitted along with the application.

S.No. Name &Designation Qualification Photograph
General Professional Research Degree/Other Eligibility Test
Bachelor Degree/Post Graduate Degree Subject Name of the programme (B.Ed/M.Ed/any other)
1 Nimrat Kaur Duggal Khandpur M.Sc. Physics 1) B.Ed.
2) M.Ed.
1) Ph.D.
2) NET
2 Mamta Singh 1) M.A.
2) M.A.
1) Sociology
2) Hindi Lit.
1) B.Ed.
2) M.Ed.
1) Ph.D.
2) M.Phil.
3 Rakhi Banerjee M.Sc. Math 1) B.Ed.
2) M.Ed.
1) Ph.D.
2) NET
4 Priya Jaiswal M.A. History 1) B.Ed.
2) M.Ed.
5 Manoj Kumar 1) M.A.
2) M.A.
1) Hindi
2) Education
1) NET and JRF
2) M.Phil.
6 Hanumantha Raju M.A. Kannada 1) B.Ed.
2) M.Ed.
1) NET
2) TET
7 Sandeep Diwakar 1) M.Sc.
2) M.A.
1) Math
2) Education
B.Ed. Ph.D.
8 Nagananda GV M.A. Kannada 1) B.Ed.
2) M.Ed.
2) NET
9 Swati Bhaduria MPA Public Administration 1) B.Ed.
2) M.Ed.
1) NET
10 Raghavendra Herle G. M.A. Kannada 1) B.Ed.
2) M.Ed.
11 Archana Thapliyal 1) M.A.
2) M.Sc.
1) Sociology
2) Physics
1) B.Ed.
2) M.Ed.
2) Ph.D.
12 Arun L Naik M.Sc. Maths 1) B.Ed.
2) M.Ed.
13 Syed Monabbar Ali Masoom M.Sc. Chemistry 1) B.Ed.
2) M.Ed.
2) Submitted Ph.D.
14 Alex P Joy M.Sc. Zoology 1) B.Ed.
2) M.Ed.
2) Ph.D.
15 Shabda Birfani Bedi M.A. English 1) B.Ed.
2) M.Ed.
16 Sadhna Singh 1) M.A. 1) Geography 1) B.Ed.
2) M.A. (Ed)
1) Ph. D.
2) M.Phil.
17 Ayyana Gouda 1) M.A. 1) History 1) B.Ed.
2) M.Ed.
18 Vasvi Oza 1) MVA
2) BFA
1) Painting
2) Painting
1) Ph.D.
19 Triloki Prasad 1) B.P.E.
2) B.P.Ed
3) M.P.Ed
1) Physical Education
2) Cricket

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