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The common complaint that the lack of political will in India is why poverty, malnutrition and illiteracy are endemic obscures the challenge of adequate knowledge for public action. Responses to public problems in India adopt one of two approaches: social scientific frameworks that develop complex explanatory models or techno-managerial frameworks that emphasise the design and choice of solutions. These approaches are individually both necessary but not a sufficient basis for public action.

The Master of Arts in Public Policy and Governance is a novel programme that integrates the fields of public policy and governance to advance our understanding of public problem solving in India. Students begin with an appreciation of the foundational constitutional norms and values and its impact of public choice, the history and justification for political authority and the roles of the state and the market in the allocation of scarce resources. Further, they engage with the analytical models of the policy process and the empirical research methods necessary to analyse and explain the success or failure of public interventions.

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