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Alumni Reflection's

I hail from a rural village in Kozhikode, Kerala and joined the programme after 3 years of Teaching experience. Approachable and Experienced professors, innovative and practice oriented teaching method and the supportive academic culture helped my overall learning experience at Azim Premji University. I am now feeling much confident to work with the education experts in Kaivalya foundation in a city like Mumbai, which is working towards improving student’s learning outcome through School Principal Leadership Program in Govt. schools. I am still in touch with my professors to clarify my doubts and receive constructive advises to advance my career in education leadership

When I look back, the efforts taken to Integrate Theory with Practice in the form of weekly school practicums and longer Field engagements was a key factor in the M.A Education Programme. No exam fear- No end of the term evaluation-No rank holders. What we wrote was Response Papers, Term Papers and other similar modes of evaluation. But we all came out with fulfilled objectives to work in the Education sector. How the teachers and staff made that possible was incredible

- Shabeer MK (M.A. Education 2014-16),Program Leader,
Kaivalya Education foundation. Mumbai


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