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Students' Reflections

My internship with Eco Femme, a social enterprise based in Auroville that works on healthy menstrual practices and makes cloth washable pads, was a way to answer several ideological questions that had arisen after the completion of the first year of M.A. Development. In the six-weeks, I realized the essentiality of private production for income generation, the need to be conscious of ethical practices in every step and the unconditional priority to be given to the quality of product and services. I can now appreciate the importance of private commercial enterprises for development. An equally important learning is the indispensability of connecting social goals with commercial activities. The data analysis of pilot survey showed positive response of users towards cloth washable pads. Interaction with several adolescent girls and women from rural areas of Auroville Bioregion, as well as women tailors revealed their painful monthly experience. An impending garbage crisis also gives an impetus to explore the viability of washable cloth pads

- Abhilasha N.S., M.A. Development


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