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Student Wellness

Counselling Services: Counselling services at the University seek to (i) provide assistance to students experiencing psycho-sociological problems that could be potentially disruptive to their adjustment to campus life; (ii) help students with strategies to cope with academic and other types of stress, manage conflicts with their peers both in class and in the residences, and manage the transition to University life; (iii) make available opportunities for students to explore ways in which they could work towards becoming that enable students who may be experiencing personal, social or educational problem more effective in their lives within and outside the institution. The Counselling Center on campus has a team of qualified counsellors professionally trained to listen to and understand students’ concerns and advise them suitably, while maintaining complete confidentiality. Counselling services are also available at the residences as part of the outreach function. Group counselling programmes on common themes are also organized.

Medical and Insurance: The Medical Center at the University aims to: (i) provide primary care and referral for students and faculty members at no cost to the patient; (ii) provide health information to prevent common ailments and promote healthy behaviors; (iii) serve as a resource in case of medical emergencies to provide immediate relief to the patient. The Medical Center provides students and faculty with easy access to a doctor and a nurse, who can take care of minor ailments. In addition, medical care for students in their residences and after university hours are provided through tie-ups with private clinics located close-by. Health Insurance cover for in-patient and out-patient services has been arranged, to provide critical financial assistance to students in their time of need. The Student Helpdesk serves as a point of contact to assist students with all their queries/issues related to insurance and medical facilities.

Emergency medical response: In case of a medical emergency on campus or in the student residences, a protocol has been worked out to provide an immediate response and limit the distress to the student and her companions. An ambulance is available on campus during working hours, and thereafter near the residences, to transport students to the nearest medical facility for immediate care. Emergency funds are also made available in cases where students require financial support.

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