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Unmukt 2016

Unmukt, the annual students’ festival of Azim Premji University is about freedom, creativity and celebration of diversity. It is about showcasing one’s talent and learning new ways to express oneself. It is also about carefree interaction in a spirit of fun and fellowship.

This year’s Unmukt was held over February 19 & 20, 2016 at different venues in the University premises. The inaugural event took place in the cafeteria in Pixel A followed by an innovative ‘Roy’. Then there was a Kathak Workshop by Radha, Puppetry Workshop by Anupama Hoskare and a Belly Dance Workshop by Ankita Redkar. Post-lunch, there was a Talk on ‘The Natural World at Time of Crisis’ by Meera Subramanium, ‘Horse Trade’ by Akshit, ‘Sarla Mahabharatha’ by BN Patnaik and a Theater Workshop by Mayura Baweja. The first day’s programme ended with an Open Air Performance from 5.00pm onward.

The morning session of the second day’s programme featured Mask-making by Heena and Asmat, Meditation Workshop by Aparna Bajpai, Photography Workshop by Kd and Anushree and Film-making Workshop by Omkar Pandi. Post-lunch, there was Kathak Workshop by Radha, Drum Workshop by Shreeshtha and Language Express by Giridhar Rao. For the first time, Unmukt also became the occasion for holding an Alumni Meet, which was held in the afternoon. The second day’s programme too ended with a lively Open Air Performance from 5.00pm onward.

Alongside these programmes there were bouts of Tug-of-War and Treasure Hunt on both days which drew enthusiastic participation and were enjoyed thoroughly by all. Stalls selling knick-knacks and delicious food items were another big attraction of the festival.

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