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Debating Development Initiatives

Debating Development Initiative (DDI) aims to be an open, judgement-free space that is co-created by students and faculty to enable a deeper engagement with contemporary development issues and events within and outside the course framework.


  • Take conversations that begin in the classroom and open them up to the larger University family, enriching the discussion with multidisciplinary perspectives, experiences, and insights.
  • Encourage dialogue and constructive debate on contemporary development issues, strengthening knowledge around these issues as well as skills for open dialogue and debate.
  • Provide a space for political expression, sharing of ideologies and an exploration of challenges in development, particularly from value-systems and ethical standpoints, deepening our understanding of the complex and interconnected ways in which development decisions play out in real life.

Some of the interesting debates that have been organized include:

A series on Bihar Elections

  • Understanding the Influence of Caste and Media on Indian Politics Through Bihar Elections
  • Understanding the Social and Political Dynamics of the 2015 Bihar Elections

Justice in Yakub Memon's Case

  • Death Penalty
  • Minority bias in the Justice system

Principle of Net neutrality and its concerns

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