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National Science Day

With the idea to bring ‘Science to All’, the University students and faculty celebrated ‘National Science Day’ to commemorate C.V. Raman’s confirmation of the discovery of the ‘Raman Effect’ on 28th February in 1928. Interesting stalls were organized hosting various fun activities based on the themes of sound, light, projectile motion, Newton’s law, centrifugal force, electric circuit (conductivity), pressure, center of gravity, etc. Over 150-plus students, faculty and other members got to engage with science experiments on their own. They crafted whistles out of straws and witnessed how longitudinal waves travel. They were mesmerized by magical ‘diver’, ‘crazy ball’ and experiments with dry ice. The centrifugal force was demonstrated with a couple of real life problems. Various puzzles and models pushed visitors to think through the ‘why’ by observing ‘what’ they observed instead of seeking readymade answers usually given in texts.

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