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Student Accommodation

The University facilitates student accommodation on leased premises located reasonably close to the University campus. To and fro transportation facility to the University, from the various accommodations, is provided at pre-determined timings.

Accommodation is provided on sharing basis, in different configurations. At the Student Accommodation, we would like to build spaces that lay emphasis on the culture of community rather than the individual.

At Azim Premji University, we believe that for our students, experiences at their residences are a significant part of their learning; to live in a community and see how the space given to them is used to live and learn together. Students by staying together, on a premise will enjoy the sharing of ideas and the senior batch will play an important role in mentoring their juniors.

Our programmes in Education and Development require not only an understanding of concepts within the classroom but also an understanding of cooperation, building connects and deeper integration with group think.

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