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Master Of Arts In Public Policy And Governance

Governance is an inquiry into how the dominant authority of the State is established and exercised. Political authority is exercised through heterogeneous institutions, and through active engagement with multiple actors that include political parties, caste associations, social movements, civil society groups and business confederations.

Public Policy encompasses the field of practices by governments at national, state, and local levels, to achieve collective purposes, shaped with and through civil society and the market at various stages of the policy process.

The Master of Arts in Public Policy and Governance (MPG) will prepare students to become critical and analytical about the challenges in public affairs, and simultaneously train them to develop meaningful and equitable solutions to contemporary problems in Public Policy and Governance. The programme will contribute to learning about the ideas, mechanisms, practices, and outcomes that comprise public policy which in turn emerges from a conceptual understanding of governance as the exercise of political authority. Thus, an MPG graduate will be able to:

  • Critically analyze the ideas, mechanisms, practices and outcomes that shape public policy and governance problems, programs and policies.
  • Provide purposive solutions by framing problems, providing programmatic solutions, undertaking policy and governance research
  • Become reflective practitioners in public affairs through careers in the government, development organizations, think tanks, the media and other agencies involved in public affairs.

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