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Career Pathways

What are my career options after the LL.M.?

The LL.M. in Law & Development programme recognizes that the domains of law and development are intrinsically linked. The programme will allow students to hone their skills in research, advocacy and legal and social work. The interdisciplinary nature of the programme will equip students with sufficient skills to approach a problem from multiple vantage points.

Upon completion of this programme, students can embark upon the following career paths:

  • Work in regulatory and governance roles with public and private sector institutions.
  • Opt for careers in research and advocacy on issues of development, social justice and public policy.
  • Secure academic positions at the various law schools and universities.
  • Opt for a socially engaged critical legal practice.

Of the previous batch of our LL.M. students, several are pursuing a career in academics as assistant professors and research associates at law universities. Some have chosen to be litigators and legal officers, others are engaged as researchers with civil society organisations working in the sectors of health, education and socio-economic empowerment.

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