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Siddharth Swaminathan


Siddharth Swaminathan teaches courses on Politics in India, Welfare Rights, and Empirical Policy Analysis. He received an MA and PhD in political science from the Claremont Graduate University. His research focuses on political demography, voter behavior, citizenship and urban governance in India. Prior to joining Azim Premji University, he held faculty positions at the Institute for Social and Economic Change, La Sierra University and California State University.

Publications and Writings
  • "Politics, Development, and Deaths: Comparing China and India." In Economic Growth, Trade and Poverty A Comparative Analysis of India and China, edited by Elumalai Kannan, R. S. Deshpande, Guo Xiaoming and Yue Zhaomin. New Delhi: Konark Publishers Private Ltd. (2015)
  • "Statistical Methods and Political Analysis: Examining the 'Economic Vote' in Indian Parliamentary Elections." In Knowing the Social World: Challenges and Responses, edited by N. Jayaram. Orient Blackswan. (2015)
  • "Towards Comprehensive Malaria Planning: The Effect of Government Capacity, Health Policy, and Land Use Variables on Malaria Incidence in India." With C.Boussalis and H. Nelson. Social Science & Medicine 75 (October 2012), pp. 1213-1221.
  • "The Politics of Births: Evidence from India's States." (2012). With J. Thomas. In The Performance of Nations, edited by J. Kugler and R. Tammen. Rowman & Littlefield.

Working Papers

  • 'Citizenship in Urban India: The Evidence from Bangalore' (with Patrick Heller and Ashutosh Varshney)
  • Capacity to Spend? Political Capacity, Government Spending, and Fertility Decline in India's States.
  • 'Who's the Fairest of All?' State Capacity, Satisfaction with Government Performance, and Perceptions of Electoral Malpractice in India's States.
Siddharth Swaminathan Faculty At Azim Premji University


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