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Legal System Reform

The legal system reform program at the School of Policy and Governance is centred on the careful empirical analysis of the various arms of the Indian legal system. On the one hand, this involves carefully analysing available data sets, such as those released by the National Crime Records Bureau. On the other hand, this includes the creation of unique and rigorous data-sets on chronically neglected issues such as litigation in India's lower courts. In this manner the legal system reform program aims to create a model for theoretically grounded and empirically rigorous research on the Indian legal system.

At present, the legal system reform program is engaged in the final production of an edited volume on Indian legal system reform. Along with this, the program is preparing a series of articles on the nature of litigation in India's District Courts.

Researchers: Badrinarayanan Seetharaman, Gaurav Mukherjee, Sindhu Sivakumar, Shishir Bail

Duration: January 2013 onwards.

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