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SPG faculty seminars are geared towards expressly creating a vibrant academic and intellectual environment within the school. To that end, we have institutionalized two speaker series, one internal where SPG members present their work to each other on a weekly basis, and the other, where we fortnightly invite scholars from outside to present their work to us.

The SPG is composed of a diverse body of scholars– faculty and graduate researchers- of varying disciplinary and methodological persuasions. The idea behind internal speaker series is to not only acquaint each of the members of research works of others, but also to foster intra-school dialogue across disciplinary boundaries and enable collaborative work.

For the external speaker series, we invite scholars with active research agenda to present their work to us, exposing the school members thereby to cutting edge research and scholarship in social science broadly, and facilitating a long-term conversation between the invited scholars and the school. This also allows us to publicize our work within the larger academic community, within and outside India.

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