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Critical Public Policy Research Project

Only 35% of all the articles published in the top 12 journals of Public Administration covered cases outside the United States (Hou, Ni, Poocharoen and others, JPART, 2011). India’s share in the 35 % is miniscule if non-existent. Further, the proliferation of government and quasi government agencies to meet the demands of diverse public purposes, and the complexity of challenges posed by a transitional democracy and economy, requires adapting orthodox approaches towards scholarship that generates knowledge of public value.

The Critical Public Policy Research Project expects to combine perspectives from Law, Economics, Politics, Anthropology and Public Management to engage in a critical examination of the Public Policy domain in India by generating research on the formulation, adoption, implementation and evaluation of policies and programmes.

The project currently focusses on conceptualizing problems of implementation In India by arguing that implementation can be understood through puzzling frames and arenas of strategic action. The project will extend its theoretical framing to understand urban governance implementation problems in the context of Bangalore.

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