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Rationale and Objectives

The Law & Governance Specialization integrates a sustained empirical engagement with the field to promote transformative experiential learning and critical reflective interrogation of received narratives. "Clinical education is primarily concerned with the process of learning from actual experience, learning through taking action (or observing someone else taking action) and then analyzing the effects of the action." Optimal learning from experience involves a continuous, circular four stage sequence of experience, reflection, theory, and application. The Clinical/Field engagement requirement of the Law & Governance Specialisation extends across the third and fourth semesters at Azim Premji University, and is merged with the 6-credit Independent Field Project. The pedagogic objectives of the Clinical/Field engagement component of the Law & Governance Specialization are:

  • To expose students to the demands, constraints, and methods of thinking in role, and to explore the impact of role on thinking.
  • To expose students to the demands, constraints, and methods of analyzing and dealing with unstructured situations, in which the "issues" have not been pre-identified.
  • To give students a basis for examining the interaction of legal/governance/policy analysis and human behaviour, including interpersonal dynamics and communication.
  • To give students an opportunity to learn how to learn from experience.
  • To provide professional skills instruction.
  • To provide the basis for insights into the functioning of the legal and governance system, and to raise questions about their capacities and limitations.
  • In general, to provide students with the opportunity to develop and to guide them in developing - a breadth of perspective, a depth of insight, and a rigorously systematic set of analytic and behavioural techniques, which they can train on varied problems that confront developmental practitioners interested in issues of law and governance.

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