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The Common Curriculum of the Azim Premji University's Undergraduate programme seeks to engage students on multiple levels such as the intellectual, the affective, the interpersonal, and the physical. Creative Expressions, which is an integral part of this Common Curriculum, is designed to nurture capacities of the body and mind through embodied art practices and physical activity. Creative Expressions workshops complement scientific and humanistic understandings of the world by focusing on physical practice. Students learn about themselves and their relationship with the world, not only through intellect and imagination – as in much of the Common Curriculum - but also in ‘embodied’ ways which reduce the perceived division of body and mind.

Workshops are offered to help students practice the art forms of diverse traditions and cultures, craft their own relationship to the capacities of the body, develop discipline and motivation and cultivate physical ‘intelligence’ and well-being. The aim is to align the psychological and the physiological to bring about a well-balanced individual capable of adaptive and creative responses.

The first semester offered 7 different workshops to students to enroll in, namely:

  • Woodwork
  • The Creative Expressive Body (movement)
  • Theatre for Dialog and Change
  • Art and Science in the Natural World
  • Introduction to water-colours / mural making
  • Making Theatre: Creativity and the human impulse
  • Clay work.

"This course has helped me to think more imaginatively. Clay Work taught me the importance of art of step by step construction. This course has enlightened my creativity."
A Clay Work Student

"I think everybody should know about the nature how it plays a great role like a driving force for every action that happens in nature. We have to appreciate its presence."
A Student of Art and Science in the Natural world

The students spent a whole semester expanding the breadth of their experience in the chosen art form, learning in embodied, playful and aesthetic ways, and collaborating with artists. The journey culminated with the Creative Expressions Mela, organized on November 17, 2015; a platform for our students to showcase the work they have done through the semester. It was also an opportunity for students to interact with their peers, those from workshops other than one’s own and speak about one’s process / journey in one’s chosen Creative Expressions course.

"Chiseling, sawing, making accurate measurements, how to be aware of the grain of wood and using it to your advantage, how to source good wood and being aware of where your material comes from."
A Woodwork Student

I learnt how to express very intense and bold ideas without actually speaking or conveying anything by writing.
A Student of Theatre for Dialogue and Change

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