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School of Education


The School of Education also houses special initiatives. They seek to focus on specific areas within the education domain with intent to

  • Significantly contribute to these areas, deepen knowledge creation through research
  • Conduct National / International Seminars / workshops that bring together a network of academicians and practitioners in these areas, both within India and from other countries to share ideas and experiences
  • Contribute to the degree programmes at the University
  • Generate resources in these areas that can be made available publicly

Currently the following Initiatives are underway

Philosophy of Education

Given the size and complexity of the Indian education system, the attention given to philosophical concerns and deepening our understanding this critical area is grossly inadequate. The Philosophy of Education Initiative was conceptualized with the objective of generating interest, creating opportunities for research, improving the quality of teaching and creating knowledge in Philosophy of Education in India. This has gained significant traction and the Regional and International POE seminars have been hugely successful

Work and Education

“Work is necessarily an interdisciplinary activity. Integrating work into the school curriculum would require a substantial amount of pedagogical understanding of how it would be integrated with learning……. Institutionalizing work in the school curriculum will require creative and bold thinking” says the NCF 2005. The “Work and Education” initiative of Azim Premji University seeks to fulfil the above imperative. Its objective is to figure out how this can be implemented today and for the future. What could be these “works” ? How will the teaching of Language-Maths-Social Studies-Science be correlated with such work? Can such work be of some immediate use and an important life and livelihood issue of the community? Can it be done in school – home-and community? Is it eco-friendly? The Initiative has started work in the following areas

  • National workshop on Resource Generation
  • Pilot projects in Schools
  • Developed three courses in this domain, on offer for both Education and Development students

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