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Philosophy of Education Conference, 2019

Date: January 10 – 12, 2019

Last Date for Submission of Paper, November 1, 2018.

The Philosophy of Education Unit at Azim Premji University invites submissions for its Seventh Annual Philosophy of Education Conference to be held from 10th to 12th January 2019 at Bangalore, India.

The theme of this Conference is “Nation, Nationalism and the question of Education”. Nationalism is both a means of social cohesion and an expression of a collective identity. However, some expressions of nationalism often violate the very cohesiveness it is founded upon, and differing notions of the collective national identity trigger conflicts rather than encouraging cohesion. Nationalism is not only linked to our collective identity, the way citizens think of nationhood involves other cognitive powers: their imagination of the nation’s past, their response to contemporary events, their view towards science, scientific temper and rationality. Therefore the idea of nationalism has an impact not only on citizenship education, but also other objectives of education. How we conceive of nationalism has implications for educational practice such as curriculum and content development, teaching-learning practices, assessment, classroom and school culture. While we certainly need to understand nationalism and its associated concepts theoretically, we also need to reflect on concerns and issues of educational practice to develop a realistic and critically conscious approach to engaging with nationalism in education.

Keeping the above concerns as focus, we invite submissions in the form of papers or posters for the Philosophy of Education Conference 2019.

Papers: Submissions on any topic related to the themes of nationalism and education are welcome. We encourage papers from research scholars, young faculty working in Education, Philosophy, Psychology and Political Theory and experienced educational practitioners. Papers (suitable for a 25-30 minute presentation, and no longer than 5,000 words) should be submitted via the system of online submission on our website by November 1 st , 2018. The system will be open for submissions on July 1 st, 2018. All papers must be prepared for blind review and include a short abstract (not more than 600 words).

Posters: Work in progress academic papers/projects, or rich descriptions of good practices related to the theme (for e.g. a good practice of teaching patriotism, dealing with conflicts in class) in the form of a poster are welcome in this category. They have to be submitted with a brief written description (not more than 1200 words) of the poster and the idea presented. We encourage posters from practitioners of education, teachers, curriculum developers, textbook writers. Proposals for posters should reach us no later than 1 st November 2018. Communication on acceptance of papers and posters will be made by email to the authors on or before December 1 st , 2018.

Writing Workshop

To encourage students of education, and to develop a corpus of good philosophical literature on education from India, we are organizing a writing workshop for students and young scholars interested in writing on the theme: Nation, Nationalism and the question of Education. Accomplished academics who have done extensive work around the theme will conduct the writing workshop in Azim Premji University in the last week of July 2018.

Invitation for writing proposals: Proposals with ideas for academic papers on the theme are invited from graduate students, early career researchers, young faculty, teachers, curriculum and content developers, and other practitioners on or before
1 st July 2018. The proposals should describe the issue the author proposes to explore further or a critical response to a piece of literature related to the theme in not more than 1500 words. The proposal should also include an indicative bibliography.

This writing workshop will include focussed discussions on related themes and individual consultative sessions with the participants leading to further development of proposals. The workshop participants are expected to submit their final papers on or before 1 st November 2018.

For further inquiry please write to us at- For more details visit

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