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Specialization Design

The design of the Specialization is based on three important considerations:

  • The specialization is designed by consciously drawing on students’ learning from core courses in Semester I and II. For example,
    • Introduction to Education, Health and Livelihoods gives a basic introduction to public health
    • Sociology of Development introduces basic concepts applied to social determinants of health and overall theoretical perspectives to locate health in social and political context
    • Skills for Development Practice introduces students to basic concepts in field practice
    • Introduction to Research enables students to learn to frame ‘questions’, see the relevance of quantitative and qualitative techniques in systematically going about engaging with such questions
  • The structure of the specialization takes into consideration public health programs offered elsewhere (both in India and abroad). The core courses and electives on offer introduce students to the basic building blocks of public health; but are structured carefully to locate each aspect of public health within the development discourse.
  • The specialization makes a conscious choice to integrate perspectives and skills in each of the courses and hence does NOT create separate buckets for these components

The specialization is built around two axes:

  • It follows the overarching developmental themes of public health, which are Access, Equity and Inclusion;
  • It privileges the perspectives of multiple Actors in the public health domain, including the state, non-state actors, community and the health system.
Themes Actors
Access: Expanding options, pluralistic approaches to health, illness and well-being Political economy of health
State Interventions: national/sub-national/international Health Systems: public and private sector players, people-centered systems
Community-based interventions: civil society/NGO/PRI
Equity: Promoting social justice through public health values, ethics and rights
Inclusion: Framing vulnerability and marginalization within a social determinants of health framework

Courses Credits
Semester III Courses (9 Credits - required)
Health, Medicine and Society 3
Understanding Health System and Policies 3
Essentials of Program Planning and Evaluation 3
Semester IV (9 Credits – some combination of the following courses)
Health, Nutrition and Education (cross-listed with MA Ed) 3
Health Education and Communication 3
Mental Health 3
Medical Pluralism 3
Health Financing 3
Introduction to Epidemiology 3
Environment and Health 3
Public Health Ethics 3

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