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Continuing Education

A key part of the work of the school is in bringing together academic and field expertise in order to address the capacity enhancement of practising professionals as well as enrich its academic programmes from these experiences.

The School collaborates with the University Resource Centre in anchoring several continuing education programmes for practising professions, both from Government and Non Governmental organizations. Some key programmes that have been delivered are

Introduction to Development: A 6-10 day introductory module that introduces the domain of development to participants. Specifically to

  • To give a broad idea of development , in all its complexity
  • To have a basic practical understanding of identified development domains - health, livelihood, ecology, gender and governance.
  • To familiarize with development data, very simple analysis and its actual use.

Induction Programme, Karnataka State Livelihoods Mission: Introductory programme in livelihoods for livelihoods professionals of the KSRLM. This is being held in multiple sessions.

Sustainability in the Developing World (Under Development): Aimed at building an understanding of the theoretical foundations, major practices and political frameworks of sustainability and sustainable development, this programme will also enable participants to correlate micro-level implementation with macro-level implications and vice-versa.

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