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Social Science
Humanities & Education
  • (2016), Stefi Barna, "Sustainability in Higher Education for the Global South: A Conversation across Geographies and Disciplines", Sustentabilidade em Debate - Brasília, v. 7, n. 1, p. 156-173 (with Seema Purushothaman, Chitra Ravi, Harini Nagendra, Manu Mathai, Seema Mundoli, Gladwin Joseph, Nandan Nawn, Radha Gopalan, Marcel Bursztyn, Martina Padmanabhan, Sally Duncan, Ruth S DeFries).
  • (2016), Divya Uma, ‘Similar yet different: differential response of a praying mantis to ant-mimicking spiders’. Biological Journal of Linnean Society (with Aparajitha Ramesh, Sajesh Vijayan, Sreethin Sreedharan, Hema Somanathan).
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Social Science
  • (2016), Ajit Sinha, A Revolution in Economic Theory: The Economics of Piero Sraffa, Palgrave Macmillan.
  • (2016), Kade Finoff, ‘Gender Disparity in Access to the Rwandan Mutual Heath Insurance Scheme’, Feminist Economics, vol. 22, no. 3, pp. 26-50.
Humanities & Education
  • (2015), Srinivas S.V., Guest editor, Special issue on Regional Cinemas of India, BioScope: South Asian Screen Studies, 6.2.
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Social Science
  • (2015), Ajit Sinha, ‘A Reflection on the Samuelson-Garegnani Debate’, Economic Thought, October.
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Humanities & Education
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Social Science
  • (2014), Ajit Sinha, ‘On Marx’s law of the falling rate of profit: disentangling some entangled variables’, Review of Radical Political Economics, 46(2), pp. 184-89.
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Humanities & Education
  • (2013), S.V. Srinivas, Politics as Performance: A Social History of the Telugu Cinema. Permanent Black.
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Social Science
  • (2013), Ajit Sinha, ‘The New Interpretation of Sraffa’s Prices: A Response to Heinz Kurz’, Cambridge Journal of Economics, 37(6), pp. 1449-1453.
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Humanities & Education
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Social Science
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