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Socio-political perspectives

Policing In A Pandemic - Abhishek Acharyya and Ashwin Jangalapalli

In this policy advisory brief document, principles of police intervention during a pandemic have been outlined based on several incidents that have occurred during the lockdown period across the country and the laws invoked in the current situation. The proposed principles can be a source of a comprehensive framework for police intervention during a humanitarian crisis. Click here.

Who Cares? Feminist Responses To The Pandemic: A Coronabrief- Vibhuti Patel and Lea Goelnitz

The COVID-19 pandemic has a strong gender dimension. It is increasing women’s vulnerabilities and risks in their roles as workers and caregivers. Feminists in India have developed demands to address these issues now and beyond the crisis. Click here.

Living On The Edge: Covid-19 Adds To Distress and Discrimination Of Indian Transgender Communities- Swarupa Deb

In this article, the author draws attention to the distresses faced by the transgender community in India during the COVID-19 pandemic. She acknowledges the direct health risks of COVID-19 as well as related perils arising from discrimination. Concerns are raised, not just about the lack of healthcare facilities, but also about the lack of dialogue and inclusion of transgender people regarding their healthcare. Click here.

COVID-19, Domestic Abuse and Violence: Where Do Indian Women Stand? - EPW Engage

The article highlights the rise in cases of domestic abuse cases during the pandemic, how patriachal structures operate in such times and how it may further worsely affect dalit women. Click here.

Facing COVID 19- My Land of Neither Hope Nor Despair - Veena Das

The short essay puts forth Prof. Veena Das’s perspective on how does one respond to the education of the young within the profound uncertainties created by Covid-19. Click here.

Why Relying on Criminal Law Should Not Be the Answer to a Pandemic - Ameya Bokil and Nikita Sonavne

Acting through the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), the state has relied on a host of criminal laws as a response to containing a disaster. This is both a disproportionate and unsuitable response to dealing with the current public health crises. The article situates the use of criminal law and use of force to punish people ‘who refuse to obey’ social distancing during lock down in the larger social structures of inequality, communalism and socio-economic disparities. Click here.

A Primer on COVID-19- Mark Nichter, University of Arizona

A medical anthropologist, Dr. Nichter, has collated a variety of information on this webpage on COVID-19. Updated weekly, this documents information on the CoronaVirus, ranging from symptoms, transmission, rotective/preventive measures to recent statistics. It also explains and busts myths around the virus, giving clear and precise answers. It is a very detailed and informative point of reference for anyone who wants to be updated about the state of COVID-19 world-wide. Click here.