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Pathshala Bheetar Aur Bahar August 2020

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The fifth issue of Pathshala carries 14 articles. Two articles on the issues arising from COVID-19. One is about viruses and Coronavirus and is written in a simple way so as to help teachers and people working with students understand these so that they can discuss them with others. The other is about online teaching, the nature of teaching, role of teacher and the relationship with children during such teaching. There are two experience-based articles on theatre in Education focussed on language teaching and classroom processes for nurturing human compassion. We also have articles that examine the pedagogy of language, questions of children and discourse about current examination.


सुरभि चावला
भाषा की घण्टी और थिएटर इन एजुकेशन


मदन मोहन पाण्डेय
लिखना सीखना : मुश्किल सफ़र के सुगम रास्ते


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