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Legal Provisions

India is operating against the pandemic by invoking a piece of legislation that is almost 125 years old! Read The Epidemic Disease Act, 1897 here.

Given the nature of spread of the virus in India, and the emerging clusters of infection in several states, the government has published a cluster containment policy to try and limit the spread from infected to uninfected areas. Access the policy here.

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare guidance note for enabling delivery of essential health services during COVID 19 outbreak provides details of essential services which have to continue and services which could be deferred and undertaken after the lockdown is lifted. Read the note here.

Updated containment plan for large outbreaks of COVID-19 – Version 2.0 is a document which discusses the strategic approach India would be following in multiple scenarios like local transmission of COVID-19, wide-spread community transmission of COVID-19 disease to name a few. Read more about the plan here.