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I Wonder, November 2015

Wonder is what I felt as a child when I looked up at the village night sky and beheld the awe-inspiring sight of hundreds of winking stars. Wonder is what I felt when the chemistry teacher presented the grouping of elements in the periodic table. I feel wonderstruck even today, each time I learn a little more of the intricacies of the functioning of each organ, tissue and cell of the human body. Wonder at the natural world has paved the way for many scientific discoveries that changed the world. Wonder is an essential ingredient of scientific temperament. A teacher who evokes wonder in a classroom succeeds in capturing the imagination of students. This is the reason we chose to name this science magazine ‘I wonder…’ ‘I wonder…’ is dedicated to middle school science teachers across the country who are igniting the scientific spark in their classrooms. It brings together perspectives and experiments from many science teachers, teacher educators and researchers. We hope that it will be used as a resource by teachers, offering them a wider and deeper perspective of the topics they teach: perspectives that help them explain fundamental concepts, their evolution and their interconnections. This magazine is also for teachers to share activities, resources and insights from their own classrooms with a larger audience.
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In our inaugural issue, we explore an important aspect of science that is seldom evident in school textbooks - its inter-disciplinarity. To understand any concept in its entirety, we must examine it from the perspective of many streams- physics, chemistry, biology and others and often through combining these disciplines. Hence, the theme for this issue is interdisciplinary science.

In addition, we have sections that light up many other aspects of science that help spark interest and wonder in a classroom. These include sections that throw light into the rich history of science; explore the space inside, around and far away from us; or share the latest exciting events in science. For those of you looking for resources, we have posters, experiments and introduction to some free online resources. We also have a section that looks at Nature of Science. We hope you have as much fun reading this issue as we had putting it together. We look forward to getting a lot of feedback from our readers so that we can fine-tune the content to suit your needs. You can mail your feedback to us at [email protected].


Editors Desk



Interdisciplinary Science

Water A Surprising Molecule
Yasmin Jayathirtha


Why Do Things Move
Smitha B


The Biology Of Electricity
Ramgopal (RamG) Vallath


Chemical Fertilisers
Jaya Ayyer


The World Of Colour
N.S. Sundaresan


Nature Of Science

Nature Of Science
Arvind Kumar


In Here/Out There

A Meeting With The Macrophage
Vignesh Narayan H.


Indias Mars Orbiter Mission
Anand Narayanan


Biography Of A Scientist

J B S Haldane
T V Venkateswaran


The Science Lab

Observing Light
Rajaram Nityananda


I Am A Scientist

Interview With Dr. Satish Khurana

Annals Of History

The Science Of Medical Sleep
Aveek Jayant


The Saga Of Atomic Weight
Sushil Joshi And Uma Sudhir


Myth Or Fact?

Challenging Prior Mental Models
Vishnuteerth Agnihotri and Anagh Purandare



The Overcast Sky
Asif Akhtar


Life In Your Backyard

The Little Known World Of Flies
Geetha Iyer


Hot Off The Press

The Success Of Costa Rica
Shruthi Rao


Science Online

Understanding Time Through Stellarium
Anand Narayanan


Write For Us

Write For Us


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