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I Wonder, Issue 2, Jan 2019

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As a child growing up in rural Kerala, my chief entertainment was reading: mostly science, history of science and, also, biographies of scientists. To me, science seemed pure and uncluttered by politicking. I thought of scientists as completely rational beings, driven only by a desire to uncover the mysteries of the universe. In my mind, they were impartial observers, experimenters and thinkers, untouched by personal prejudices.

But, as I grew up, I came to realise that this was far from the truth. No doubt, the history of science has many examples of cooperation between scientists, often from multiple disciplines, working together to uncover the mysteries of nature. But, it is also peppered with examples of prejudice, power play, factionalism, politics and one-upmanship. One such example is the exciting story of the uncovering of the structure of DNA shared in this issue’s ‘Discovering the Helical Staircase’. Every time I dwell on this path-breaking discovery, I am left with deep sadness at how one of the scientists who contributed significantly to this achievement – Rosalind Franklin – received hardly any credit for it. This is a reflection of how women scientists were systematically relegated to the background in those days. The men who dominated science wanted to keep it that way – dominated by men. How much more would science have progressed if women had been given their rightful say and encouragement?
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Editor's Desk

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Emerging Trends in Chemistry

Why Synthesize New Elements
Sushil Joshi

Metal-Organic Frameworks: The New All - Rounders in Chemistry Research
Joel Cornelio

Fluorescent Tags: Indispensable Tools In Medicine
Neeraja Dashaputre


I am A Scientist

Vena Kapoor

Nature Conservation Foundation


Research To Practice

Students As Teachers: How Science Teachers Can Collaborate With Their Students Using Peer Instruction
Kevin Close, Nicole Bowers, Rohit Mehta, Punya Mishra & J. Bryan Henderson


The Science Lab

Determination Of The Molar Mass Of Students In A Chemistry Class
Sangeetha Balakrishnan


Discovering Science
G S Rautela

    G S Rautela


Why Is The Fish Blue?
Navodita Jain & Swagatha Ghosh


Big Questions

The Mystery Of Dark Energy
Amitabha Mukherjee

Ramgopal (RamG) Vallath


Teaching As If The Earth Matters

Powering (Human) Life On Earth
Radha Gopalan


Clean Energy
A. Q. Contractor


Annals Of History

Discovering The Helical Staircase
Rohini Chintha


Life In Your Backyard

The Scent Orchestra Of Flowers
V. S. Pragadheesh & Shannon Olsson

V. S. Pragadheesh & Shannon Olsson



The Chemistry Of Life
Anagh Purandare & Aniruddh Sastry


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Write for Us

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