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Impact on Labor

The Personal and Social Risks That India's Food Delivery Workers Are Taking During COVID-19 - What happens to social distancing when you "live in the crowd and work in the crowd"? - Simiran Lalvani and Bhavani Seetharaman

The article unmasks the risk faced by app based food delivery workers during the national lockdown due Covid19. Some of the important points highlighted in the article are,the neglect of their companies like zomato, swiggy etc to provide all the workers masks, economic difficulties due to incentive based payments when there is lack of orders and how they are trying to earn a living risking themselves and protecting their family at the same time. While the food delivery services have been identified as essential services to provide comfort to people during lockdown, the article asks an important question about the impact of lockdown on the workers who will be delivering these essential services. This article is based on a self-administered survey of 104 app based food delivery workers and 15 telephonic interviews by the authors. Click here.

Response Of India Inc. A Study Of 100 Corporations- Sampriti Mukherjee and Souma Sekhar Gangopadhyay

In the second part of the series, the first covering 50 corporations; an attempt has been made to document all initiatives and announcements made by 100 major Indian firms and philanthropic collaboratives till 18 April 2020. The policy response has been classified under - a) Employee sensitivity measures, b) Community Outreach, c) Business Re-orientation, d) and Financial Support. Click here.