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Families: Identifying needy households

a) Migrant labourers – multiple categories need help construction workers, hotel workers, tailors, gardeners, domestic workers, street food and vegetable vendors, etc.

There are several government and non-government helplines set up for relief to the communities. Identify the various government helplines and agencies which are doing relief work and propagate them in the communities

You could identify needy families and ensure you connect them to a resource that can provide short term resources (dry rations and cooked food) and also connect them to the government system that can provide long term support (dry rations).

You could help them access emergency funds that are being transferred by their home states

You could also help them return home by connecting them to Government systems setup to transport people across states.

b) Please ensure you call up the provider agency personally and are clear of their requirements. For eg.

An NGO needs the following for dry rations

i. Name ii. Number of people iii. ID card picture iv. Location (shed / house) picture v. Address vi. GPS coordinates

A government agency needs the following dry ration or cooked food:

i. Name ii. Number of people iii. Address and Landmark iv. Pin code v. Mother tongue vi. Type of support –

A government agency needs the following for emergency fund transfer:

i. Name ii. Aadhar Card Number iii. Bank Account ( should have a presence in their home state) iv. Contact in home state

Contributor: Anil Misquith