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Ideas in Education

Love at Sites of Contested Narratives


Data, Surveillance, Privacy & Liberty


Migration & Urbanization in India: The Past, Present and Possible Futures:Chinmay Tumbe, Assistant Professor of Economics, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad


Highways and Byways: Infrastructure Making in India between Modernizing Agents and Peasant Households During the Great Depression:Dr. Stefan Tetzlaff, Senior Research Fellow in Business History, Godrej Archives, Mumbai

Talks on Mahatma Gandhi and discusses on the book " GANDHI: THE SOUL FORCE WARRIOR who Revolutionized Revolution and Spiritualized it:Pascal Alan Nazareth


Making a Difference: On Becoming a Professional Today: Rajesh Tandon, Founder President, Society for Participatory Research in Asia, New Delhi


Promoting Sustainable Development in Thar Desert: Experiences from URMUL: Arvind Ojha, Head, URMUL Trust, Bikaner


How to think about the role of power in the social sciences: Amit Bhaduri - Part 1, Part 2


Riding Singularities with Second Half Technologies: Vijay Chandru, Chairman, Strand Life Sciences


Gender Differences in STEM Courses and Careers: Kamala Mukunda


India's 3E Regime : Challenges and Opportunities in Employment, Employability and Education: Manish Sabharwal

Philosophy of Education : Seminar

PoE Seminar 2014

The Assessment of Professional Knowledge : Christopher Winch


Epistemic Knowledge and Democratic Politics : Elizabeth Rata


Liberalism and Religion: On Separation and Anticlericalism: Sebastian Rudas Nyara


PoE Seminar 2013

Empirical Research in Education: Why Philosophy Matters : Robin Barrow


Teacher Education: Foundational vs Integrated approaches : Rohit Dhankar


Aims of Education: Philosophical Issues for Educational Research : Richard Pring



Beyond Right to Education: Sachidanand Sinha


Teachers Training

Teacher Motivation: Anurag Behar


Capacity Development Among Teachers: Anurag Behar


Teacher Student & Community : Indu Prasad


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