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Evolving Governance and Sustainable Development Framework - an Empirical Study of Emerging Urban Spaces in the Sixth Schedule Areas of Northeast India

Rural and agricultural spaces are being converted into urban spaces for residential, administrative and commercial purposes. In the sixth schedule areas this has resulted in mixed experiences in the life of the community members – governance, livelihoods adaptation and practices, community identity articulation, and land ownership and utilisation patterns. This study proposes to develop a framework of Governance and Sustainable Development based on the evidence and experiences of community members in relation to the rapidly emerging (tribal) urban spaces in sixth schedule (tribal) areas of Assam - (SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities).

The research aims at understanding the process of urbanisation, governance practice, livelihoods strategies for sustainable development in emerging tribal towns. The research will cover areas located in the sixth schedule (tribal) areas of Northeast India.



Jacob Islary has a Ph.D. in Social Work from TISS, Mumbai and is currently an Assistant Professor (Senior) with Don Bosco University, Assam, India. He teaches core Social Work courses and research methodology to Master of Social Work students and supervises Ph.D. candidates at the University. Besides teaching, he has experience of working and consulting with various organisations promoting livelihoods, health, community education, environment regeneration, good governance and climate action.

Jacob Islary’s areas of research interest include human security – livelihoods and health, governance, schedule areas, conflict studies - and inter-cultural learning in higher education.

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