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Climate Change Communications and Outreach at the Grassroots through Community Radio Programme on ‘Adapting to Climate Change and Adversities in Agriculture’

Local research and action at the grassroots can strengthen community knowledge on the impact of climate change. The project from Society for Technology and Action for Rural Advancement (, Development Alternatives (DA) group will enable communities to share their experiences in coping with and adapting to climate change. There will be an emphasis on strengthening the capacity of community radio reporters to advocate on climate issues at the community level and beyond.

An innovative model of learning, knowledge sharing and action to connect community, environment journalist, researchers, scientists and policymakers will be developed. The model (an e-platform) will create a new space where a range of stakeholders can learn about climate change adaptation practices, its impact and advocate responses which address local communities’ needs. The updatable knowledge-sharing platform will be developed in Hindi with locally relevant and easily comprehensible training modules, messages, folk songs and radio programmes.

Society for Technology and Action for Rural Advancement would like to upscale, enhance and strengthen the knowledge of community stakeholders and radio reporters on climate change communications and climate change resilient agricultural practices.



Sandeep leads the Development Action domain at the Development Alternatives group. He has over thirty years of experience in working in the development sector and has managed several projects on development and planning. As a development professional he has substantial experience in diversified areas including participatory planning, grant management, development, design, effective management and scale-up of programs, partnership development, contributing to country strategic plan, fundraising, capacity building of teams, monitoring and evaluation of programs and activities, policy advocacy, writing quality reports and mobilising resources in India with the state governments, the UN agencies, ICRISAT, USAID and leading INGOs.


Mariyam is a Deputy Manager with Development Alternatives (DA). She is a communications professional focused on the development sector. She has more than three years of experience in ideating and implementing programmes on skills to livelihood, awareness for social and behaviour change, capacity building, climate change and WASH. She has a Post Graduate in Development Communication from AJK Mass Communication Research Center (MCRC) Jamia Millia Islamia.

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