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Work and Education

The Work and Education initiative of Azim Premji University seeks to fulfill the following idea proposed in NCF-2005 , The school curriculum from the pre-primary to the senior secondary stages should be reconstructed for realizing the potential of work as a pedagogic medium in knowledge acquisition, developing values and multiple-skill formation.

Its objective is to figure out how this Gandhian spirit of combining work and education can be implemented today and for the future. What could be these works? How will the teaching of Language-Maths-Social Studies-Science-Arts be correlated with such work ? Can such work be of some immediate use and an important life and livelihood issue of the community ? Can it be done in school- home- community? Is it eco-friendly?

To come up with answers, the Work and Education initiative of Azim Premji University is :

  • Carrying out experiments and pilots in (i) Azim Premji Foundation schools (ii) Government schools through our own Field Institutes (iii) In alternative schools which are already engaged in such work and can even act as resource agencies.
  • Designing relevant M.A. courses to engage students to learn and contribute in this area .
  • Carrying out documentation and studies and publications for better understanding and spreading of ideas.

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