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Call for Proposals for Azim Premji University Research Funding Programme 2020 is closed. Thank you for your interest.

The schedule for the Azim Premji University Research Funding Programme 2020 is as follows:

Last date for submission of Concept Notes (Closed) Oct 31, 2020
Indication of initial interest Dec 1, 2020
Last date for submission of Full Proposal Dec 31, 2020
Announcement of awards Mar 7, 2021
Project start date Apr 1, 2021

Please contact us at for assistance.

For your reference, please find below the details of the Call for Proposals and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) :


As part of Azim Premji University’s efforts to strengthen and elevate the state of understanding of societal processes and outcomes, we are launching the fifth round of our Research Funding Programme. This programme is designed to promote inquiry into areas of particular interest to Azim Premji Foundation and to explore possible responses for some of them.

The Research Funding Programme is designed to strengthen and supplement our existing efforts in these areas. While we are open to any broad consideration within an area, the research should be empirically grounded, and be able to inform practice and policy.

We invite high-quality research proposals that examine the significant questions of public concern in the following areas:

  1. Education and Allied Areas
  2. Labour, Livelihoods and Employment
  3. Urban Governance and Sustainability
  4. Local Democracy
  5. Climate Change Action

Who can apply

Applications are invited from individuals or teams affiliated with centres of vital research within academic institutions, non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations, as well as the Government, in principle. We encourage scholars and researchers in the fields of education, development practice, public policy, economics, political science, sociology, anthropology, history, creative arts, media and the sciences to submit proposals.

This call for proposals is for researchers external to Azim Premji Foundation. Employees of Azim Premji Foundation are not eligible to apply.

Process for Application

Interested applicants must submit the following via the online portal which will be open from Sep 15, 2020:

  1. The completed online application form available on the portal
  2. A short concept note in not more than 1200 words
  3. CVs of all collaborating investigators

Applications for the research funding under each broad area/domain can be accessed by clicking the link at the bottom of the respective page.

The last date for submissions is Oct 31, 2020.

The concept note should indicate why the study is needed, highlight its significance, clearly identify the research objectives/questions, and outline the methodology to be employed. In particular, it should indicate why the research is of general significance and how it addresses the particular concerns laid out in the terms of reference. Applicants should have demonstrated competency and qualifications to undertake the research in the proposed area. Applicants should read the terms of reference for each area before applying and ensure that the proposal aligns with the specifications. Please note that a proposal that is outside the scope of the specific areas of research will not be considered. Accordingly, please ensure that your proposal addresses the concerns highlighted in each theme and indicate how your proposal specifically seeks to engage with them.

Applicants can submit multiple proposals within one or more domains listed above.

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