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Local Democracy

Despite the Constitutional promise of deepening and widening democratic foundations and development in the country in the form of 73rd and 74th amendments, the overall journey leaves much to be done. Our Centre for Local Democracy supports this journey by way of field engagement to create good practices at scale and research to support these; to build capacity through educational programmes, and work with stakeholders to build a conducive ecosystem. The Centre invites research proposals in the following areas that have direct relevance to strengthening local democracy and development:

  1. Rigorous analysis, including key determinants of good practices of Gram, Block and Zilla Panchayats in any of the areas of resource mobilisation, governance of natural resources, welfare, equity and social justice.
  2. Legal analysis of conflicts between Panchayats Acts/Rules, PESA Act/Rules between states and between state and central Acts with respect to Article 243ZF of the Constitution.
  3. Study of the functioning of the traditional governance systems of the Adivasis and their integration with constitutional local governance structures and processes.
  4. Study of the challenges faced by Nagar Panchayats in meeting urban aspirations and the resource and capacity gaps.
  5. Study of the functioning of Nyay Panchayats and other alternative dispute resolutions systems and possibilities of their integration with the mainstream justice delivery system.

Research Funding budget: INR 5-10 lakhs
Duration of project: 1 year

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