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Education and Allied Areas

For research that has direct relevance to the strengthening of the public education system in India, we invite research proposals in the following broad areas:

  1. Student learning in schools, beyond subjects. Illustratively:
    1. What are schools doing for the social, emotional, physical and ethical development of students? Are there effective models?
    2. Inclusive practices in our schools and classrooms

  2. Understanding the learning gaps in schools that are beyond broad generalizations. Essentially, if students are not learning in our schools why is it so?

  3. Early Childhood Education. Illustratively:
    1. Status of early childhood education in the country, including its provision, quality, and effective models
    2. Professional development models – pre-service and in-service – of early childhood education teachers in the country

  4. Impact of COVID-19 on schools and education. Illustratively, its impact on:
    1. Teaching and learning; including, but not limited to, issues of quality and equity in online modes of education
    2. Children who have had to discontinue school
    3. Children with disability and disadvantages

We recognize the paucity of research by practitioners in education. We will, hence, especially encourage proposals from practitioners, especially teachers and teacher educators. This list is not exhaustive; we will consider proposals studying other aspects as long as they can inform or are informed by the public education system in India. The research should be empirical; have a significant qualitative component; and, be able to inform practice on the ground.

Research Funding budget: INR 5-20 lakhs
Duration of project: 1-3 years

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